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Your thoughts pretty much sum up mine as well. Death Angel killed it. They were the best band of the night for me (though I imagine that's because I knew all of their songs, which I can't say about Sepultura). It was nice to see them with a bit of a longer set.

Havok were fantastic. My neck hurt quite a bit after their set, and I knew most of the songs, so that's always nice. Krisiun were good, aside from the technical problems. I have three of their albums, but didn't recognize anything other than "The Will To Potency", which they introduced anyways.

Sepultura were awesome. The new songs actually sound really good. Of course it would have been better if it was all old, but I enjoyed what they played. If you've never seen them before, it's definitely worth it. I lost it for "Inner Self" though. That was by far the highlight of the evening for me.

2/9 - Spellcaster (?)
2/10 - Havok, Exmortus
4/11 - Kreator, Obituary
4/19 - HammerFall
4/20 - HammerFall
4/21 - HammerFall
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