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Overkill -- Columbus, OH -- April 23rd, 2012

Come and Get It
Bring Me the Night
It Lives
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From the Gutter
Save Yourself
Gasoline Dream
Old School
Wish You Were Dead
Wrecking Crew

Deny the Cross
Rotten to the Core
Fuck You

Didn't get God Forbid's set because it was a lot of new stuff and I haven't heard the new record yet, and I didn't arrive early enough to see the other bands.

Couldn't hardly hear Blitz until about 2 or 3 songs in, I was worried, because it was bad enough to wreck the set if it didn't get fixed.

This venue doesn't have many metal shows, and it shows. The bouncers were really crazy uptight. Every time a pit started 4 guys would run in and break it up, and people were getting pissed. I don't give a shit because I don't mosh due to a bad back, but fuck man, let the people who want to, as long as they aren't hurting people, go for it.
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