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2012 Bands and Albums that I discovered that others may not have:

Atoma- Skylight
(Post Metal/Post Rock, Electronica, Doom Metal; for fans of Scary Symmetry, Isis, 65daysofstatic)

Dimension Act- Metamorphosis of Progress
(Progressive Metal, for fans of Dream Theater, Evergrey, Pagan's Mind)

For The Imperium- For The Imperium
(Experiemental, Avant Garde Progressive Metal; for fans of Dog Fashion Disco, Protest The Hero, Unexpect, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Leprous)

Horn Of The Rhino- Grengus (Stoner, Doom Metal; for fans of Soundgarden, Sleep, Mastodon, Torche)

New Death Sensation- ...New Horizons...
(Instrumental Progressive Post Rock; *If Animals As Leaders went Post Rock instead of Djent*)

PostHumanBigBang- PostHumanBigBang
(Experimental Progressive Metal; For fans of Modern Progressive Metal, not Djent, but "Modern" Progressive Metal)

The Samuel Jackson Five- The Samuel Jackson Five
(Post Rock; if you like Post Rock with Vocals)

Screaming Savior- Infinity
(Symphonic Progressive Black Metal; If Emperor moved to Japan)

Secrets Of The Moon- Seven Bells
(Black Metal; For Fans of Dark Fortress and Lunar Auora)

Vaura- Selenelion
(Experimental Progressive Post Metal; For fans of Anything Toby Driver)
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