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The entire NEMHF was amazing this year, and yesterday was the perfect way to end it. My girlfriend and I ended up getting to Worcester around 12:00 to get a decent parking spot at the Palladium. Luckily her brother lives down in Worcester so we ended up hanging with him for most of the day. We ended up going into the palladium around 6:00. After hanging around for about another couple of hours we went up to the balcony. First band I actually ended up watching was Vanna.

Vanna put on a really good show, which included the singer jumping from the lighting fixture onto the stage at the beginning of the last song, if I remember correctly. Other notable moments were the guitarist jumping in while still playing, I believe he ended up doing this twice, one was with a couple other members of the band. I'm not to familiar with their music so I don't have the setlist.

Every Time I Die was up next. They were awesome. Lots of energy and great crowd response. While I listened to some Every Time I Die prior to the show I'm not to familiar with their song titles. After seeing them last night however I will definitely check out more of their stuff. I have a friend who is a huge fan and I believe he said last night was his 16th or 17th time seeing them live.

So after ETID got off stage a curtain drops over the stage. From what I could see behind the curtain they were taking the Metal Fest banner down, which was up all weekend, and replaced it with a Killswitch one, which ends up being the logo, and the Alive or Just Breathing album cover. Around 20 minutes later lights go out, and the two screens on the side of the stage flash the KSE logo. What follows is a slide show of the band members, to the song reunited. After the song the curtain falls, Numbered Days starts, and the crowd goes completely ape shit. The band was incredibly tight, they ripped through the setlist and looked like they were having an amazing time doing so. Throughout the set Jesse must of thanked the fans for coming out at least 3 or 4 times. Adam also did his share of talking, which included welcoming Jesse back. Adam also thanked the fans for selling the show out, which according to him wake up with a boner the morning of the show. Another Adam D. moment happened after he had technical issues during Life to Lifeless, taking off his guitar and started hardcore dancing for the last few bars of the song. Jesse sounded awesome, he nailed everything, including all the Howard era songs. Another cool moment happened when Jesse dedicated Rose of Sharyn to Howard. The crowd response was amazing, as expected, with most of the audience screaming every word at the top of their lungs. It was totally worth going yesterday, and I'm so happy I ended up going, as stated before it was the perfect way to end an amazing weekend at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

Vanna: 8/10
Every Time I Die: 9/10
Killswitch Engage: 11/10
7/1-Roger Waters
8/3-Mayhem Fest
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