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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Are you sure you're not missing one song? Overkill headline sets are almost always 16 songs long, and usually include at least one song from Horrorscope. This is a cool set I suppose though, I'm happy to see they're keeping Bring Me the Night and Ironbound. Gasoline Dream is a neat deep cut, but it already got played on the last tour. And if they're gonna play a song from From the Underground and Below, play Long Time Dyin' instead of It Lives dammit!

With all that in consideration, this is still probably an amazing set just because it's live Overkill. And they're playing Deny the Cross!!! Now I'm even more sad that a midterm is preventing me from going.
It's entirely conceivable that I missed a song. I'm positive there wasn't a song from Horrorscope, I thought it was strange they would skip that album. I wish they would do a better job of choosing deeper cuts. As cool as Deny the Cross was, I've seen them do it before (granted, I've been seeing Overkill shows for a long time!).
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