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Overkill -- Philadelphia, PA -- April 20th 2012

First post! Was so annoyed by the lack of OVERKILL sets, I registered just to post the opening night of The Electric Age tour. I wasn't planning on putting this setlist online so be forewarned, the setlist is not in order, although I'm fairly certain the first three songs and end of the set is correct.

Come and Get It
Bring Me The Night
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From the Gutter
Iron Bound
It Lives
Gasoline Dream
Wish You Were Dead
Wrecking Crew
Old School

Rotten to the Core

I'm pretty sure that's everything and I'm sure I mixed the order of the set up a bit. The "classics" seemed like predictable choices (I'm so tired of Elimination, I wish they'd play more from The Years of Decay), was bummed they ignored Horrorscope but DENY THE CROSS sounded great! New shit sounded great and Blitz lived up to my perception as one of metal's most underrated frontmen!
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