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Originally Posted by Nater View Post
I was really hoping ATR would pull a few more older songs out. Good to see Tattered on My Sleeve though.
Same. A song like The Weak Willed, Whispers (I Hear You) or Become The Catalyst would have been awesome

Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Sucks that Overkill didn't get to play longer.
They would had a longer set (as would of have Protest The Hero) if fucking Dragonforce didn't get added. I would have liked for them play longer, but their 45-minute set didn't seem too short.

Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
I'm glad I am not the only one that thinks Dragonforce sucks. ATR ending with Two Weeks is really sad.
Yeah I don't mind Two Weeks, but it's a pretty weak closer. This Calling or Six would have been a much better choice.
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