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Behemoth -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- April 21st, 2012

Sets first, quick review at the bottom. Everything should be accurate and in order.

In Solitude
We Were Never Here
The World The Flesh The Devil
To Her Darkness
Witches Sabbath

The Devil's Blood
The Thousandfold Epicentre
Fire Burning
The Madness of Serpents
Christ or Cocaine

Underneath the Cenotaph
Reaping Death
Total Funeral
The Serpent's Chalice

Ov Fire and the Void
Moonspell Rites
Conquer All
The Thousand Plagues I Witness
Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me
The Seed ov I
Decade of Therion
At the Left Hand ov God
Slaves Shall Serve
Chant for Eschaton 2000
23 (The Youth Manifesto)

In Solitude were a fantastic way to open the night. I've been waiting to see these guys for a while. I think I was the only person who laughed when the vocalist said something about "cutting their cocks off" before 'To Her Darkness'. Pretty brutal . They played a pretty great set for the time allotted, but admittedly I would've loved to have heard 'Demons' or 'Poisoned, Blessed and Burned'. Ah well - perhaps next time!

The Devil's Blood emerged from backstage covered in - guess what - blood . I was on Selim's side of the stage, and he was yelling and laughing (without a mic) at the crowd for a bit. I couldn't hear what he was saying over the intro music for a bit, but he definitely ended with a rather loud 'HAIL SATAN!' just as the music stopped. They kicked into what was by far the best set of the night. The singer wasn't on stage a lot of the time, but the band played some ridiculously great jams.

Watain was - as always - a pure spectacle. Their torches and (especially) their sheep heads had a pretty awesome practical value this time around too. The show was completely packed, and as with any sold out show, there were douchebags. You know those fat drunk fucks who just sort of push forward continuously throughout the show? Yeah, they got out of the way pretty soon after Watain's stench filled the air (I really want to thank Watain for this). They had some of the best sound I've ever heard at a show before as well! As a sidenote: I couldn't help but wince just slightly whenever they'd hold their hands in the fires on stage for longer periods of time . Strange fellows.

Behemoth was... Powerful. I really enjoyed watching their performance. To quote Nergal: "It feels fucking GREAT to be alive!". Indeed it does. Their set was great and I have no complaints about it at all, but there's really not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Go see this tour!

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