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Originally Posted by dimmudan View Post
Guys I posted this on Friday but I guess no one saw it.

I leave town tomorrow for a week and have an Overkill ticket/invoice for Bottom Lounge in Chicago.

I am giving it away for free to anyone in the area who wants it can attend the show.

I live in Lisle and can either mail it. It should get to you by Wednesday or fax it. It does have my name on it but I can send an email from my account to yours for you to print showing that I have transferred the ticket to you.

I really wanted to go to this show but could not and would hate to see the ticket wasted.

If you want it, first email to gets it. Just put your screen name and Overkill in the title and let me know if you want to pick it up or for me to mail it or fax it to you. Dan
Nah I saw it but I can't make it. Awesome offer though, hopefully someone takes you up on that.
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