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All Shall Perish -- Stanhope, NJ -- April 18th, 2012

Cool show at a cool little bar. Doors were at 6 but we couldn't get there till a little after 7:30. We missed Conducting From The Grave which kinda sucked but I've seen them a few time before. Anyway, The Contortionist went on around 7:50 and played about 20 minutes but they were sick. The new songs they played killed it and they played my 2 favorites song of off Exoplanet. 9/10.
New Song
New Song

After them were Fleshgod Apocalypse. They were great. I've seen several times before and every time they were sick. They got a weird crowd reaction, at first there were kids push pitting and it was kinda cool then these turds tried to 2-step during their set and it was very weird. Overall, after finally seeing Fleshgod again I was very pleased. Played about 25 minutes. 8.5/10
The Hypocrisy
The Egoism
Thru Our Scars
The Violation
The Forsaking

Next up was Carnifex. I don't care what people say, I like this band, I think they're kinda cool and play decent music. They're also pretty cool people. This was my third time seeing them I believe, not the best band of the night but I enjoyed their set. They played like a half hour. 7.5/10
We Spoke Of Lies
Slit Wrist Savior
Dead or Dreaming
In Coalesce With Filth and Faith
Lie To My Face
Hell Chose Me

Finally, was All Shall Perish. This band slays live, Their honestly one of my favorite deathcore bands and to finally see them headline was great. They alwasy put on a great show and the vocalist has hysterical stage banter. After the first song, he goes "So, Stanhope New Jersey. Are you guys named after Doug?" He made reference to it being a blues club, it was good stuff. They played about an hour. I love this band and seeing them headline was great. 9.5/10
Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
There Is No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet
Royalty into Exile
Awaken the Dreamers
My Retaliation
There Is Nothing Left
Wage Slaves
The Last Relapse
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