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Originally Posted by RAZOR View Post
Styleclash and I stayed after the show and got to meet Nergal and Orion.
You suck! That is downright fucking awesome. Nicely done.

Originally Posted by RAZOR View Post
Also, it was nice to finally meet you and put a face to all your posts! I looked around for you after the show, but Moobys said you went right to the casino, haha. Hopefully it won't be long till you're down in "Shittsburgh" for another show!
Likewise. Sorry we missed you guys (especially considering the above ). I hung around and exchanged digits with Moobs after the show, and you can be sure we'll be back as soon as circumstances allow. Yeah, I did jet off to the casino with my broham, but part of the reason for that was that it seemed like Moobs had to go meet up with somebody so we just decided to part ways and head out. I kinda figured you would be doing the same - boy was I wrong. Oh well, congrats on the meet & greet. I'd say Nergal and Orion are slightly bigger celebs than yours truly, so you did well for the night.

Oh, and hopefully you guys don't take that "Shittsburgh" stuff too seriously. It's obligatory that I do that just because I was born & raised in Clevetown. Don't tell anyone, but I actually love your fair's a really unique place. When many of you'uns come to our neck of the woods, though, something just seems to happen and all civility goes out the window.
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