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I want to play a show with your band!

I figured this may be a great way for all of us who play in some kind of band to network better, and for any of us in touring bands, especially just starting out, to try and get out of state dates more easily.

It would work out like this: everyone post some kind of link to a promotional page of the band they play in (like facebook or bandcamp), along with the area you're from, genre of music you play, and who you normally book with (promotion company or venue), or how you get shows in general.

We could contact each other through here, or even on our band's promotional pages and try to set up show trades, help each other in touring bands who are coming through that area, etc.

I'll go first and try to set up some kind of format:

Long Island, NY - Progressive Death Metal/Post Metal
People to book with in our area:
-East Coast Collective:
-Haymaker Productions:
OR contact [email protected] to try and set up some kind of show trade if we can work it out.

I figure we could try and give this a go, and if anyone has any suggestions for formatting or anything like that let me know. This could be a cool way to play shows with each other, and hang out with each other outside the site.
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