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Originally Posted by TheClairvoyant View Post
1. Embody the invisible
2. Bullet Ride
4. Crawl Through Knives
7. Egonomic
8. Clayman
10. Drifter
Yea these songs are nice, but all these have been played the past few years.
embody- played 2009-10
bullet- played 2011
crawl- played 2011
egonomic- played 2011
clayman- played 2009-10
drifter- played 2009-10

Not complaining about bullet and embody, but they are still not doing anything different...when they do play older songs they always choose from the same ones. When are they ever going to do something surprising like when satellites and astronauts/vanishing light were introduced in 2008...hell they even played zombie inc a few gigs. They played dead end and coerced coexistence at some festivals a few years back...its surprises like this they need more of (or episode 666 for gods sakes)

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