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21. Enta Da Stage

Group: Black Moon
Members: Buck shot, DJ EVIL DEE and 5 foot assassin
Producer: DJ Evil Dee
Recorded: 1992-1993
Released: 1993

"The devil Lurks and my heart irks for the hell, look into the eyes of a nigga who fell" - Buckshot

One of the Dirtiest, grittiest and most urban Underground Hip hop records of all time. The gritty Urban rusty as nails production backed up by DJ EVIL Dee is so haunting and jazzy that those dusted beats almost give off a euphoric jazzy head knobbing hypnotique groove that you can't stop your head from bobbing up and down too. Buck shots crazy looped out Skizophrenic lyrics on urban hood life in the early 90s accommodates well with Evil Dees hard rugged instrumentals. The scratches, lyrics and beats give off a hard rusty urban gritty image, like as if you are lost in the heart of the most dirtiest parts of the most lower outskirts of East new york, and you're just lost in that crazy maze of Crack heads, Fiends, Slaves, Corruption and my god this album stands out in such a way that it will go down as a timeless classic in underground Hip hop. Filled with some of the grittiest most darkest TWAKED out instrumentals ever created, backed up with some awesome menacing raps that deal with hallucinations of slaves, corruption, trying to make Money money and take money money, Fuck me, talking about just one do shit, the songs speak for them selves. I urge anyone on this board that is trying to seriously consider hip hop is an alternative after Heavy Metal to seriously consider checking this out. I think some of the most hardcore of hardcore metal heads will find them selves head boning to the Classics such as "HOW MANY MCS must get dissed", or the super paranoia and schizophrenic atmosphere shown in "Slave".

I saw Black Moon last year at Rock The Bells 2011 in San bernadino California at the end of August.. They performed this entire album from start to finish, easily one of the best parts of show for me and was easily the highlight of the night. Hearing all the songs played on this record from start to finish was just incredible and seeing Black Moon in person is an experience that I will never forget, especially considering how obscure and old school these guys are, THEY NEVER PLAY OUT SIDE OF NEW YORK!!! So for me to have the opportunity to hear this entire classic record performed from start to finish is something i'll never forget, definitely up there in same level of Awesomeness when I saw Slayer Perform all of Seasons in the Abyss at the American Carnage tour with Testament and Megadeth.

All these songs should be blasted at maximum volume with the Bass beyond Boom bappin in yo face, "NOW COMMENCE THE STAGE" - buckshot

How Many MCS



Black Smiff N-Wessun

I gotcha Open

Enta Da Stage

20 Awesome Records left. Hope everyone is enjoying this thread as much as I am.
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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