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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
From what I am aware of, JD and treg are just pissed because Nergal himself (or someone in his camp) actually said in his own words that we will have a special set-list. And now that we have found it's actually just an ordinary set, we're pretty disappointed.

But for you guys - I'm talking to Nat and MPF mostly - to call us dicks, to call us ungrateful, is rather haughty and immature.
Not so much pissed, but yes, disappointed. I remember reading an interview with Nergal about their upcoming tours and he said they would come back with a new set list. And it's not really about pulling out more old songs (although that would be cool), but they are still omitting some obvious choices, like Daimonos. There was a lot of complaining about that on the last tour, so understandably there will be this time as well.

And Nat and MPF seem to be misunderstanding JD and I. We didn't say we were ungrateful of the return, although I can understand how complaining might convey that. JD even said multiple times that their performance was incredible. Yes, the set is what we had hoped it to be, but that doesn't mean we aren't glad to have the chance to see them. I just think you're just taking our criticism a bit personally, as any fan might.
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