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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Oh, I didn't realize Treg got that mad. Sorry. I'm definitely not mad, just disappointed at the opportunity wasted to pull out a sick, "I'M ALIVE BITCHES" setlist for the US. Again, I don't think any band is holy enough or unfuckwithable enough to not take criticism from their song choices. It also doesn't mean the performance wasn't awesome.
Awesome the performance may have been, but actually I was more impressed when I saw them a few years ago (more on that in my yet-to-be-posted gig report). The energy level was just a tad higher back then, but of course that's to be expected.

The set list was really similar between then and now, too (except obviously for the addition of the Evangelion tracks in this one), but I was generally happy with both sets. As with any band, there will always be set list complainers - especially with bands like Behemoth who have a back catalog with a lot of straight-up black metal in it, but have today shifted more towards a brutal death sound (with the only blackened parts left being the lyrics, primarily). You're gonna have fans who like the black stuff and those who like the death stuff (and a few who like both), but for fuck's sake if you're slightly disappointed about what you didn't hear, then for the love of fuck just try to change your focus and comment on all the awesome stuff you did hear (or see, or whatever).

All the whining just struck me as a little distasteful, whiny and ungrateful, is all. I'm over it, though.
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