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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
You mad, man? And yeah, I think Treg and I highlighted our disappointment with the set in a mature manner over on the Chicago thread. I still stand behind what I said. And even then, Behemoth is in my top 5 performances this year!
As a matter of fact, I am mad.

See MPF's comment below:

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Anyone who complains about Behemoth's setlist this tour is a fucking asshole.

If it's the same set, or not much of a change next time, go ahead and feel free. But until then, you are just a dick.

...but for the record, my anger may or may not be directed at you or Tregs specifically. It's just in general at whoever has the brass balls to complain about the set list under these obviously very unique circumstances. It's called "gratitude", motherfuckers (it's also called "tact" and "perspective"). Try and have some. The guy almost fucking died.

Originally Posted by morbidaj View Post
I didnt smell any dead animals and I was right up front with a photo pass taking some eeevil looking pictures.
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but apparently the nerves connecting your nose to your brain are broken. Sorry about that.
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