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Behemoth -- Lawrence, KS -- April 16th, 2012

I've never had a show ruined for me because of sound problems, but last night came pretty close. Luckily, it ended up still being a fantastic concert.

The first band was In Solitude. Although they play pretty much straight-up heavy metal, it kind of had a tinge of black metal to the sound in some songs. The vocalist looked like he was insane, he was muttering to himself and drooling everywhere during the whole set. It was definitely awesome.

The Devil's Blood was the surprising highlight for me. Their brand of occult rock translates so well live, and the guitar players can really shred. In every song, there was at least one solo (usually more) that just made my jaw drop. The vocalist had an insane presence and had the best singing voice of the night and just hit every single note. It was really awesome, and I'm hooked on them now.

Our date was the first date that Watain played on the tour. Throughout the whole night I kept smelling a skunk but it never really hit me until right before Watain just where the smell was coming from. They brought out some giant inverted crosses and hung animal skulls and bones on some poles, then put out some skinned animal heads. Those smelled pretty bad, but it was nothing compared to when Watain themselves took the stage. They were wearing the carcasses of dead animals and the smell was almost unbearable. But it just made for that much of a better show. Watain is probably the purest black metal band I've ever seen. Although I'd consider myself more of a Marduk fan (I don't know why, but I always group the two bands together), Watain put on a pure evil show. All the songs sounded straight out of black metal's glory days in the early 90s, and Erik Danielsson is a great frontman. "Stellarvore" especially was great. Don't miss them!

The fact that Nergal is doing alive, let alone doing a Behemoth tour, after everything that's happened made me in awe to see him in the flesh. The entire crowd was so stoked just to have him there. That said, the sound was, to me, the worst of the night during Behemoth. Which is a shame, because their performance was outstanding. "Moonspell Rites" was the best song played that night - total black metal. "Alas Lord Is Upon Me" was ripping too, and 23 (The Youth Manifesto) was awesome. Just having them back is amazing enough, but they are still as vicious as ever!


Ov Fire and the Void
Moonspell Rites
Conquer All
The Thousand Plagues I Witness
Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
The Seed ov I
Decade of Therion
At the Left Hand ov God
Slaves Shall Serve
Chant for Eschaton 2000
23 (The Youth Manifesto)

Watain: (partial set. Sorry bros, I couldn't really hear Erik announce the songs that he did announce. The ones here they 100% played, though. The set was about 7-8 songs long, and they ended with a long one.)

The Serpent's Chalice

The Devil's Blood (partial set, five/six songs long, some songs extended, ended with Christ Or Cocaine):

The Heavens Cry Out For The Devil's Blood
Christ Or Cocaine

In Solitude:

We Were Never Here
The World, The Flesh, The Devil
To Her Darkness
Witches Sabbath
On Burning Paths

Behemoth: 8/10
Watain: 8.5/10
The Devil's Blood: 9/10
In Solitude: 8/10
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07/26 - Forever Came Calling & Primitive Man
07/30 - Warped (?)
08/05 - Knockout Kid
08/07 - Fireworks (?)
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