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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
For people who don't want to have to skim through that thread.

Detroit, MI
September 18

Columbus, OH
September 20

Bridgeport, CT
October 10

Philadelphia, PA
October 12

Toronto, ON
October 14

Newark, NJ
October 20

Brooklyn, NY
October 22

Boston, MA
October 24

Buffalo, NY
October 26

Charlotte, NC
October 30

Atlanta, GA
November 1

Tampa, FL
November 3

Seattle, WA
November 13

San Jose, CA
November 15

Anaheim, CA
November 17

Los Angeles, CA
November 19

Las Vegas, NV
November 23

Phoeniz, AZ
November 25

Dallas, TX
November 28

Houston, TX
December 2nd

I don't why the OP wouldn't just put them all in one post.
If you're talking about the OP on The Rush Forum, I think it's because these dates haven't been officially announced. So the person figured they wouldn't post anyhthing unless somebody asked in case the dates do change.
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