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Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post
Hmm. While normally I don't go to shows of bands I'm not all that familiar with (the only exception I made to the rule was when I was new to GWAR and a friend invited me to a show), I may actually hit that show up and hope I have enough energy for Mastopeth the next day in San Antonio.

What exactly is the Mohawk like as a venue? Gritty like Emo's, relatively clean like Stubb's, a mix between the two?
The Mohawk is cool, kind of a mix between the two. The outdoor stage (where the Melvins will be playing) has a nice upper level balcony/patio that they've recently upgraded to allow for more viewing area. The inside of the place has a Austin-weird/hipster vibe to the decorating; but not in a lame way. It's actually very fucking cool. The inside stage is a pretty small and intimate room (which is where Alcest is playing the late show after the Melvins). Let me know if you end up going and we could meet up. If not, it looks like we'll be at a few of the same shows in the future.
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