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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
This will probably be my 8th-10th time seeing Mastodon coming up, I don't know why you'd be disappointed by hearing more new stuff unless you really don't like the album. Super excited to hear Stargasm.
I'm cool with new songs and I do like the new album. But I don't love it enough to have 12 of the 17 songs played be from it. Stargasm was awesome by the way and The Sparrow was a cool closer (my two faves on the new album). In my opinion, I wish they had not played Thickening, Octopus Has No Friends, All The Heavy Lifting, Curl of the Burl (even though it's a single and was gonna be played no matter what) and Bedazzled Fingernails. Not bad songs by any means, but they really sucked the energy out of the show for me.

Different strokes for different folks. I like old Mastodon more than new Mastodon. If you love the new album, it should be a good show for you.
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