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Thoughts? Feelings on new Saint Vitus? I'm starting on my 2nd go around on it. Glad I researched before I bitched. I was gonna complain about the length until I realized w/ exception of C.O.D. was the only album that was alot longer than everything else. Just glancing pretty much everything looks like it's been 6-8 songs and usually between that 33-40 min mark. And that is what this clocks in at is 33 mins.

My only complaint is that with 7 tracks there's only 5 actual songs as the other 2 (Vertigo, Withdrawl) are instrumentals. Withdrawl I guess not so much instrument as it is 3 mins of Dave feedback. The Bleeding Ground & Dependence also have easily the best 2 solos on this album, coincidentally probably my favorite 2 tracks on the album. Those would be killer if those 2 make it into the set when they go out and tour.

These are just first impressions and may change but this is what I like so far. Wish that we could have got atleast 1 or 2 more actual songs but new Saint Vitus is better than no new Saint Vitus.
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