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Russian Circles -- Moscow, Russia -- April 15th, 2012

RC kicked ass. Probably the best post-anything band I've ever seen. Crowd was surprisingly into it (read: ready to fuck shit up) for a bunch of hipsters, and the venue was hella good. Too bad it's mostly used for local indie shows; the stage is at perfect height! Mike's fretting hand thumb broke a few nights ago, which is why the set is kind of short.

Dave Turncrantz = best live drummer ever! Guy has major skill, caught one of his drumsticks and got him to sign it afterwards.

Edit: Opening act was fucking awesome, a stoner metal band called Vagiant. Everybody except the singer came onstage in posh suits, and started playing some post-rock riff (probably to give the impression they were going to play some hipster-friendly shit and lull everybody into a false sense of security.) All of a sudden, their singer (long dirty hair, black eye) gets onstage, introduces the band, and as this Kyuss-like riff kicks in does a backflip into the audience. Looking forward to seeing them open up for Red Fang in May!

Harper Lewis

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