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I can honestly say i enjoyed all 3 bands. First time ever seeing Ghost and i loved them and very well look forward to when they come back to the States. Haven't seen Opeth since Gigantour in 2006 and this was a way better show since they didnt have to only play 4 songs. Mikael even responded to one my comments when screaming from the crowd. Love that man. Ive seen Mastodon twice prior, first time at Unholy Alliance in 06 and i thought they kicked ass. 2nd time at the Metro in 09 playing Crack The Skye front to back, while i love that album, looking back the clean vocals were lacking not that that's news to anyone. BUT, that album for me doesnt translate in a live setting, almost like watching a play. But friday night, ya i know they played almost the entire album of The Hunter, but the clean vocals sounded WAY better. The songs from The Hunter translate live better. Hand Of Stone from Blood Mountain was a nice surprise as well as Aqua Dementia from Leviathan. Minor bummer no Remission songs as i love that album. Bringing back Blood And Thunder was great too! Even songs i never thought they would play live from The Hunter sounded great too. Cheers to a killer show.
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