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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Honestly, anything from the 1990's is their best work, IMO. Although it's not my favorite album by them, Houdini is the best place to start. It gives you the whole picture of the Melvins; straight-up rock, sludge and fucked-up experimentation, all in one album. After that try some more of their accessible work like Stoner Witch, Stag and three three latest albums with the Big Business guys as their drummer and bass player ((A) Senile Animal, Nude With Boots and the Bride Screamed Murder). None of those albums are their best albums but are the easiest to get into. If you like that get back to me and I'll get you into the good stuff.
Thanks for the recommendations dude, I'll start off with Houdini then! Who knows when I'll be able to pick it up though, gotta love being on a college student budget right?
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