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The Melvins -- Los Angeles, CA -- April 13th, 2012

The Melvins' management asked Metal Assault to write a review of the show, so Andrew Metalhead asked me to cover this one. It was a cool show, but I think the setlist could have been a bit better balanced in terms of their catalog as a whole, but what do I know, I don't own any of their stuff haha. They performed all of their new EP, which was cool I suppose. Oh and their cover of Youth of America ruled. I thought the two drummer thing worked really really well, the rhythm section sounded massive and they did cool drum jams in between the songs. Cool set overall, I'm definitely gonna check out some of their albums now. Anyone have any recommendations as to what Melvins albums I should listen to first?

1. Dog Island
2. Lysol (This what was written on the setlist- It ended up being a medley of Hung Bunny and Roman Dog Bird)
3. The Water Glass
4. Evil New War God
5. Manky
6. A History of Bad Men
7. Youth of America (The Wipers cover)
8. A Growing Disgust
9. The War on Wisdom
10. We are Doomed
11. Friends Before Larry
12. A Really Long Wait
13. National Hamster
14. The Bit
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