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That set was pretty disappointing, but Behemoth is just so great live. Nergal didn't interact with the crowd as much as I would have liked and the set list didn't have much diversity, but the sheer intensity of Nergal & co. made up for it. The drums just sounded so intense compared to the last time I saw them which was outdoors at Mayhem Fest '09.

All the opening bands were pretty good. Wolvhammer was my favorite. They're black metal with a hint of sludge influence and they put on a pretty intense live show. In Solitude was really awesome too. They were kick ass traditional heavy metal and blew me away. I thought it was funny that the singer came out wearing corpse paint. The Devil's Blood was okay, not as good as I was hoping. There was TOO MUCH jamming. The singer would just like fuck off and the band would play like a couple ten minute jams. Plus, three guitarists seemed a little unnecessary, although it did create a pretty nice wall of sound.

Behemoth had a bunch of shirts, the cheapest of which were $25 and some of them ran up to $30 (!!). The shirt that I liked the most was the Zos Kia Cultus album shirt, but that was $30. They had a white Behemoth baseball jersey for $35 and hoodies for $45. They had Evangelion on CD and vinyl and I think they had their last live CD/DVD (?). The Devil's Blood had a white tour shirt and some other shirts and their latest album on CD and vinyl and an import CD for $20. In Solitude had some shirts for $20 and their last two albums on CD and vinyl.

Anyway, all in all it was a pretty fun show.
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