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Behemoth -- Chicago, IL -- April 13th, 2012

FUCKKKKKKKK i so wanted to go to this show but when I saw the setlist im not really that angry that i missed the show.. Very predictable and basically the same as usual with a couple different songs..

1.Ov Fire and the Void
3.Moonspell Rites
4.At the Left Hand ov God
5.Conquer All
6.Slaves Shall Serve
7.The Seed ov I
8.Decade of Therion
9.Chant for Eschaton 2000
10.23 (The Youth Manifesto)

Is it just me or does this not seem like a headlining set list? It seems like this should be a coheadlinging set. When I saw them on there last US tour it seems there set was a lot longer. like 4 or 5 songs more. I dont remember.
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