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Opeth -- Chicago, IL -- April 13th, 2012

The Devil's Orchard
I Feel The Dark
The Lines In My Hand
The Grand Conjuration

Like Madieneer, I will be only be posting this setlist. I did not get a chance to see Mastodon due to some bullshit circumstances and I hate Ghost. Anyways, Opeth played a better show tonight than they did last fall and this was my first time that I got to here one of top 5 songs from Opeth DEMON Of THE FALL. They played this track before the Grand Conjuration so they did change the setlist a little bit. I would have love to here Deliverance but oh well I am just glad I got to here DOTF. Also, the merch was pretty expensive so I only purchased an one Opeth Tour shirt.
01/15 - Dark Tranquillity
02/03 - Periphery
02/05 - Marilyn Manson
02/10 - Machine Head?
03/22 - Coal Chamber/Filter
04/06 - At The Gates
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