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Dude, congratulations! That's really awesome. Im jealous that you got to be there let alone got to play on Lombard's kit, man! That disillusion in your (digitally typed) voice proves its real, because I felt the same way when my buddy Brock invites/forces me onstage to sing songs with his band when he comes to New York. He sings for 36 Crazyfists. I've known him since I was young because my father built his families house in Alaska and Washington when we were little guys. He brings me up to sing "Turns to Ashes" "Slit Wrist Theory" or "Ceramic" and most recently "The All Night Lights."and I know that feeling.

Totally not trying to assert my experience into yours or try to better you because yours kicks more ass than imaginable!! I was just trying to relate. Honestly man, you mist have to been freaking out when you got offstage, where you feel like everyone is looking at you bit you don't want to overreact like a fanboy lol. Congrats again, brother! Can't wait to watch it on the live feed.

How were Phil's vocals? He seems to rush them when he covers Pantera. Now im not bitching because its fucking cool as hell that he even does it, but just asking...
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