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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Maybe I was getting my panties in a bunch about nothing but I think if anybody needs to chill it's the guy saying he's ashamed to live in New York because someone he has never met in real life has a gripe with the way he posted a setlist.
That's one way to twist what he said into something you could use against him; or you could think about how he was responding toward your name calling and seriously unwaranted hostility over a setlist. A setlist, man.

When someone posts a partial festival setlist, do you lose your shit and accuse them of not giving a shit about every band there? Do you call them names and insult their musical knowledge?

What if the festival was a European festival with some alternative metal/hard rock bands there? If HE HAD posted a setlist for one of them, you'd probably call him names and insult him as well.

Then again, die hard Manowar fans do tend to get militant about useless shit.

Steve, just picture this guy in his underwear and bearskin draped on his shoulders in front of his mirror with his $68.99 broadsword chanting some Manowar interludes. You'll forget all about his bullshit.
Then again,
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