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The Wonder Years -- Pampano Beach, FL -- April 11th, 2012

Alright so this is the first pop punk show I've ever been too. Or actually just first punk/hardcore show in general. So I got there around 4:45 cause the doors were supposed to open around 5. First think I noticed immediately was everyone was nearly our age instead of being like 20 years older than us " Turns out they lied and it opens at 6, oh well, I had pre-sales, so me and my friends went to get some food. There was this local mexican place so we were like fuck it lets go there. When we got there it looked like some of the Wonder Years/other bands(not sure) were there eating. I didn't bother them and we ate and got in line. After like 45 minutes of waiting, they finally opened the doors. I haven't been to the venue before but it was a Christian STRAIGHT EDGE PLACE(SxE FOR LYF BITCHEZ). The place was cool and the people who worked their were even cooler there. The place were the show was is normally a skate park so they moved the ramps aside and everything. It was decently big, but it was hot as fuck!(just in that room too, every where else was cold). I drank a rockstar cause I was tired as fuck and the show started at 6:45. After that i went to take a piss and there was a line for the bathroom. Seemed like most of the people from the Mexican place got the shits Next think I know Soupy bursts in the place and stands waiting. No one said anything but then the kid asked him for a picture. I was just leaving so I took one as well and left. Cool guy, pretty awkward to talk in a bathroom though

After a while the main reason why I was there The Story So Far hit the stage. A lot of people were sitting down(which sucked), but everyone else was ready to go crazy. Me and my friend opened the pit up, but the moment Swords and Pens hit and the vocals came in I launched and jumped over everyone to sing my heart out. I remained like that going crazy throughout, losing my voice after like 3 songs but keep going on anyways. I somehow ended up right in the front and just kept singing constantly. There was a no stage diving rule so I didn't bother. But it was fun as fuck, there is no denying that. It was their first south Florida show and I hope they come back SOON.

The Story So Far
Swords And Pens
States And Minds
Mt. Diablo
680 South
High Regard

Next was a Loss for Words, they we're alright. i didn't dig the vocalist and the music didn't do much, but they did have a fun circle pit. Overall they were okay.

So after them was Transit, unfortunately, that mexican food came back to me and I had to use the restroom, but it was in use by one of the guys from Loss for Words, who was there the WHOLE SET. So I missed Transit, but from what I heard, they sounded great

After was Polar Bear Club, the vocalist was wearing a Descendants shirt which was awesome. They were up beat and sounded good, but the music wasn't punkish enough for me and I just couldn't really go crazy during it. It was good though, no denying.

Polar Bear Club
Killin' It
Screams In Caves
Hollow Place
My Best Days
Light of Local Eyes
Bottled Wind
I'll Never Leave New York
Living Saints
Burned Out in a Jar
Most Miserable Life

Next up was the 2nd band I was here for(and the main band for everyone) The Wonder Years. The lights were off and they came out and smashed into Washington Square Park, immediately opening up a pit and having people go crazy. I joined in the madness jumping up and down and running in the crowd to yell the lyrics. When they began Melrose Park I jumped in the pit and scared a few people away after punching so hard my knuckles were sore. I then was in and out for the most part but dominating every circle pit. They sounded great and were a ton of fun. It was great screaming all the lyrics especially Logan Circle and You're not a Salinger. Get Over It. All fun, me and my friend took turns jumping off each others backs to crowd surf(though i did it once and he did it like 2000 times ) Though it was all fun and as close to a hardcore show as I will be getting for a while. Can't wait for a real one though, this was great regardless. Fun, fun, fun show!

The Wonder Years
Washington Square Park
Melrose Diner
Keystone State Dude-Core
It's Never Sunny in South Philadelphia
Coffee Eyes
Came Out Swinging
Don't Let Me Cave In
Woke Up Older
Local Man Ruins Everything
Won't Be Pathetic Forever
I Was Scared and I'm Sorry
Logan Circle
And Now I'm Nothing
You're Not Salinger. Get Over It.
All My Friends Are in Bar Bands

The Story So Far: 8.5/10
A Loss for Words: 5/10
Transit: */*
Polar Bear Club: 6.5/10
The Wonder Years: 8.75/10
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