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FXZERO & Cryptodira: These Pretzels Are Making Us Thirstour 2012

Hey dudes, my band is hitting the road this summer with a really cool band, FxZero. I figured for promotional reasons I'd make a thread for this, and if any of you guys might know anyone who'd be able to help fill any of the dates with stars next to them, it'd be beyond appreciated. Thanks guys

July 28th - New Jersey*
July 29th - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 30th - Maryland/DC*
July 31st - Virginia*
August 1st - North Carolina*
August 2nd - Columbia, South Carolina
August 3rd - Marietta, Georgia
August 4th - Orlando, Florida
August 5th - Jacksonville, Florida
August 6th - Georgia/South Carolina*
August 7th - North Carolina*
August 8th - Virginia*
August 9th - Delaware/Maryland/New Jersey/Philadelphia*
August 10th - North Babylon, Long Island
August 11th - Queens/NYC/Brooklyn*

FXZERO (Progressive/Technical Deathcore)

Cryptodira (Progressive Death Metal/Post Metal)

Tour Event Page on Facebook:
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