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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
You're being a douche because when you made this thread you just completely ignored the other bands because you're not a fan of them. If you don't know the Mastodon and Ghost sets that's fine, but instead of mentioning that someone else should post them you completely ignore everything else and just post what you care about.
I'm the douche and yet you refer to your location as "Strong Island". Way to go, J-Woww.

Tell you what Vinnie Boombatz, it's crap like this that destroys message boards and human relations in general. Strict adherence to a set of "rules" that don't make a lick of difference in the real world. You're setting the price of admission into geek club, that's how far down this has descended.

Get over your goddamn format troubles, is that possible? Or are you on the rag again this month?

It's a real shame that I have to live on the same land mass as you. You're a reminder of why I can't wait to leave this place someday. You always manage to come barreling out of nowhere just in time for the kill, like a retarded lion going after the wrong piece of meat on the carcass.

Good lord, if you don't like something someone does, do it yourself. Was that ever taught to you, or has unionized public education inflicted itself upon you too?
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