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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Well since you're so nice and pleasant about it. Eh, no let a mod do it if needed.

Ever occur to you that maybe I don't know the other sets? Must that be stated? I think there's a lot of people on this board who have lost all sight of what it means to come to this place and have really turned into something sort of disgraceful. There's really no need to be so damn angry about it. If it bothers you that much, report my post, have it removed, and post the entire thing yourself should you be feeling competitive.

If you're being sarcastic, you're not very good at it. I know now why I've promised myself that I almost refuse to meet anyone in person on this board I think I've met 2 in what 7 years? No point. I really don't need the hassle.
Yeah cause he really didn't already politely post the setlists in his post, in which you deleted when you quoted him.
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