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Dude I thought you weren't gonna show up after your post yesterday! I got in right as Witchburn began and just kinda wandered around for the rest of the show. I also just now realized I messed up by wearing a sweater over my Sleep shirt. Sorry about that man, I'm sure we're gonna end up at the same shows in the coming weeks!

Prong was sick as hell, I think I actually liked them better than Crowbar! Tommy Victor is a plain badass onstage. Literally a minute after their set Tommy went to go chill by the merch booth and I chatted with him for a bit- super nice guy! Crowbar was dope as well, but I wish they played for longer. Tommy mentioned that his set was cut short because of the million openers the Whisky had, but it looks like Crowbar's set remained the same. Here's Prong's set, 100% accurate since Tommy okayed it The written setlist for Crowbar should also be correct, it matches the one I jotted down throughout the set.

For Dear Life
Beg To Differ
Eternal Heat
Revenge... Best Served Cold
Rude Awakening
Whose Fist Is This Anyway?
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
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