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Crowbar -- Hollywood, CA -- April 11th, 2012

The show was at the Whisky in Hollywood and Witchburn and Prong were the openers. I wasn't sure about going to the show due to lack of funds, but ended up going. I walked in the venue a little before 10pm and found my friend at the door. We went inside to see Witchburn playing. They were cool but I don't remember them at all. They ended and I hung out near the bar for a bit until Prong came on. I know they played two new songs and Snap Your Fingers. Crowbar went on sometime after 11 and played for about an hour. It was awesome seeing Crowbar play a headlining show. That sounded heavy as fuck!!! I was right up front the entire time. I think the setlist is a little out of order, but these are the songs they played.

I didn't see orioner
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