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Originally Posted by dinanm3atl View Post
I can echo a lot of what was said here but have to disagree with some others. Bottom line is like always Alestorm steals the show. In this case it was Arkona and Alestorm stealing the show. I have seen Alestorm 5 times now. Was nice to talk to them outside the show before they went on. They always delivery and wherever they go the crowd gets whipped into a frenzy. The best part is the frenzy also evolves into some dancing as well which is always a fun change and part of a folk metal show.

Arkona was killer live. I had not seen them yet but their music and on stage energy translates to an awesome show. Even setting up a Wall of Death which I do not see at metal shows at the masq very often. This band actually got the pit moving for the night. As they played more and more people got involved. I would say it culminated with max energy during Alestorm.

Huntress was as a I expected. I have tried to get into them but the shrill vocals I just cannot handle. It was made worse in the live atmosphere. I LOVE loud music but her voice and 'screaming' was just not good. Her lisp she deployed between songs just became more of a joke than anything else. I also love moshing and enjoying the show. The level of shrill from her... I moved to the back and waited for the set to be over. Enjoyed a water before Arkona came out.

And as always at the masq there were some dudes that decide to bring their women friends and choose to stand at the rail or right next to the pit. Of course they got extremely mad when an errant body came near the girls. Still not sure why this happens every single time here but it does. One girl even hit one of my friends after he got pushed and had no control over where he went... lulz
Yup, Arkona and Alestorm definitely stole the show. Huntress was great although I wanted to throw a sandwich at the lead singer.
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