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Been trying out a bunch of recommended horror movies from the past couple of years.

May - Black comedy, sort of a modern day Frankenstein type movie about some really shy girl who can't make friends so she decides to create her own by cutting up random parts of people and putting them together. It was entertaining.

Dark Corners - About this girl who lives the perfect life awake, but for some reason every time she falls asleep she becomes this girl who lives in a horrific world where she gets abused and a killer is stalking her. The main problem with this movie was that plot wise it barely made any sense but other than that it was one of the few movies to ever creep me out. Seriously, a lot of the images and scenes succeed in looking terrifying to me. The acting is terrible by everyone, but somehow it just added to how bugged out this movie was.

The Living and the Dead - British horror about this dysfunctional family where the mother is dying from some disease and the son (who is in his 30s) is mentally ill. The son stops taking his medication and decides to take care of his sick mother on his own. I dug it.
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