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Arkona stole the show as far as I'm concerned. I was pretty worried about how the night was going to go when that shit rockcore or whatever band opened up - seriously, they didn't belong at all, and they were awful. But Prime Mover kind of made up for them, being acceptable but nothing special. I found Huntress to be very annoying. Not sure why, but something about them really felt wrong to me. But yeah, Arkona made up for all previous transgressions, and really did feel like a pagan festival. I don't know their frontwoman's name, but damn, she was awesome. Even her harsh vocals were good, and I tend to dislike harsh female vocals. Alestorm didn't do much for me the first time I saw them, so I wasn't thrilled about them when they took the stage last night, but I ended up enjoying them quite a bit. The fact that people were going completely nuts for them helped. Also, the band has a good attitude, which made them likeable. Turisas was a good closer to the night. Can't say much besides that, just a fun live band. Plus, that dude's English was impressively good. Skaal!
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