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Paganfest -- Atlanta, GA -- April 9th, 2012

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: April 9th, 2012
Tour: Paganfest Amerika III

This was one of the funnest shows i have had in a while. This line-up would have been better if Ex-Deo was still on but if they were Arkona would have gotten a shorter set so i'm not too mad. Having seen most of these bands before this show was a perfect mix and made each band perform better and have fun.

Huntress was first and I have loved them since the first time i heard their EP and can't wait for the new album. This band mixes traditional heavy metal sound with the singing and screaming of a badass metal chick. This band will probably come around more since their debut comes out May 8th. All of the new songs were good and showed off her ability as a vocalist.

The Tower
Sleep and Death
Eight of Swords

Arkona was next and every person in the audience was pumped to get to see them. Many of us had seen them Korpiklanni but most people at the show hadn't and finally got to witness the amazing ferocity of this band live. For me it took seeing them to get into them but when I did i fell in love with them. This band could easily headline a tour here and do just as good or better as Turisas. They had the most patrons with their shirts on more than any other band. The crowd loved every note played and every word sang.

Slav'sja, Rus'!
Ot serdca k nebu
Goi, Rode, Goi!
Po syroi zemle
Stenka na Stenku

Alestorm was next and the crowd got crazier for them and rowdy and pushy as hell. This band doesn't strike me as anything special but it seems i was the minority. They always get an amazing reception here and this tour only fueled their fan base. Since they will be touring with Epica in the Fall many people will get to see them again.

Wenches & Mead
The Sunk'n Norwegian
Nancy the Tavern Wench
Back Through Time
Midget Saw
Black Sails at Midnight
No Quarter

Turisas finally took the stage in all of their red and black glory and everyone was excited for their full headline set. This band got a lot of attention at the Cradle show's and those fans came back to support this great band. i love that this band uses almost all possible instruments like their albums. They also create a great chorus when all 5 sing together. It makes each song bigger and better and everyone couldn't get enough. I am glad i got to go to this show and witness this great line up.

The March of the Varangian Guard
Take the Day!
To Holmgard and Beyond
The Great Escape
The Dnieper Rapids
A Portage to the Unknown
Hunting Pirates
One More
Stand Up and Fight
Battle Metal
11/29 Epica
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