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I have to say, in terms of song selection this is probably the most dynamic set I've ever seen Converge play. Lots of slow burners and mid-paced stuff to break up all the fast numbers. Plus, they didn't overdo the new songs and made sure to scatter them around the classics. Very well-structured show.

I'm still surprised by how frequently they reach for Jane Doe material these days over You Fail Me and No Heroes. While I do think JD is the better album, I would have sacrificed one or two of the songs to hear "Black Cloud" or "No Heroes." Still, pretty hard to complain about a Converge show!

The set list looks pretty close. Couple minor things: the new song is "Aimless Arrow," and I know they played "Eagles Become Vultures" somewhere in the middle of the set. Maybe after "Worms Will Feed" or "Hell to Pay?" I could swear it was after one of the slower songs.
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