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Converge -- Chicago, IL -- April 8th, 2012

Bands: Converge, Loma Prieta, Weekend Nachos, Git Some
Venue: Reggie's Rock Club
Source: Me

Got to the venue around 7:30, show was supposed to start at 7. To my amazement, there was still a long line of people trying to get in; I'm pretty sure this sold out by the end of the night. I preordered my ticket. Came in during the middle of Git Some's set; they seemed pretty mediocre honestly. Reminded me a lot of Red Fang, with that southern rock-y style. It does nothing for me, but I'm sure some of you guys would probably love it.

Anyway, met with a couple of friends who I knew from the BTBAM concert last year and talked during the quick changeout for Weekend Nachos. They were some of the only metalhead looking dudes in a crowd full of middle aged hardcore bros and hipsters. Weekend Nachos came up really fast, and their singer (John, I believe his name is?) was really surprised at the turnout; said it's one of the biggest show they've played. He kind of joked around with us, saying "This is actually our first show ever. We're a brand new band. We just put out our first demo, we have it available in the back. Please buy it." They ripped into the first notes of Hometown Hero, and the crowd that was dead and not even head bobbing for Git Some immediately erupted into a huge pit, me in it for most of the quick yet punishing set. I was unsure how to really categorize Weekend Nachos before, but now I'm convinced they're a 100% pure hardcore band. The fast parts were cool, but after about 15 or 20 seconds of that in each song, the breakdown following afterwards was insane. Tons of hXc dancing, fists being thrown, punching, etc. I loved it. They're every bit as amazing as I hoped live, and then some. I think they only played for 20 - 25 minutes at most, but I couldn't imagine their set lasting longer than that. I might have actually enjoyed 'em more than Converge. Not exactly sure of their set, I know for a fact that they started with Hometown Hero, played Old Friends Don't Mean Shit somewhere in the middle, and ended with Jock Powerviolence, but most of the set was a constant hazed whirlwind of hardcore fury. They only paused once in between songs the whole time. Absolutely amazing. And I get to see 'em again in a couple weeks with Harms Way! It was obvious a lot of people there came to see them, and that this was obviously a hometown crowd. The singer kept shoving the mic in peoples faces, lots of 'em knew all the words.

Loma Prieta was next, and I was tired as shit. My body was sore and aching. I went upstairs to sit on the chairs and watch Loma from that balcony. I really enjoyed their sound actually; kind of hard to describe. Like noisy hardcore? Yet melodic at some points. The crowd was dead for 'em except for a couple hipster kids near the front who kept jumping up and acting like they were the best thing since sliced bread. It was a nice layover between Weekend Nachos and Converge.

This is my second time seeing Converge, and I have to say that it was much, much better than my first time for some reason. I don't know if the crowd was crazier, or if I liked the set better, or the band was more spot on... but it was so awesome. Jane Doe was a great opener: as soon as it began, the pit erupted with a ton of hardcore guys just throwing down as hard as they could for the next 5 minutes, until the soft part kicks in. Going right into Dark Horse without a pause made the entire crowd get moving then, moshes erupting everywhere. The rest of the set was spot on; my only nag is that I wish they'd pull out a couple pre-Jane Doe tunes. But I can't complain; hearing a bunch of the new album live before ever hearing it recorded was cool. They said they'd definitely be back this fall in direct support for the album release. Great set, great time! I picked up a WN Jock Powerviolence crew neck sweatshirt for $20 and a Jane Doe back patch for $10; gonna try and put together a denim vest sometime this spring. Converge had 3 or 4 new shirt designs with sayings on the back, a hat, a Jane Doe tank top, some smaller patches (no Jane Doe small patches), stickers, and most of their albums available on CD. They used to have a bunch of Vinyl for sale too, but it all sold out earlier on the tour. Loma Prieta had a bunch of shirts for sale and their new album on vinyl, all for $15 each. Weekend Nachos, which were only on this date of the tour, had the sweatshirt, a couple albums on vinyl, and a couple shirts for sale, including one that said pretty big on the back "DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT" Great show overall.

Converge set:

Jane Doe
Dark Horse
Empty on the Inside (new)
Aimless Arrow (new)
Reap What You Sow
Worms Will Feed
Eagles Become Vultures
No Light Escapes (new)
Hell to Pay
Shame In The Way (new)
Axe To Fall
The Broken Vow
First Light/Last Light

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