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As others have said, Primus can't really do a bad set. Having stated that, this one is particularly awesome in my view. Also, you got a two-set show but didn't necessarily have to listen to the new album in full from front to back - not that it's a bad album, but when you know exactly what's coming for almost an hour it kinda detracts from the adventure, in my view. You still got to hear the best tracks from it, though - interspersed amongst all the other fan favorites.

Also, I've always been a somewhat casual fan of "Pachyderm" until I heard it live. Holy shit, is that a great song, and as has been said, I'm glad they are now playing it regularly these days. I've never heard "Grapevine" live, but I'd bet that one is awesome, too.

All that, and you got to hear "Fisticuffs" as well. I fucking love that song - especially live. Also, they did both "Krinkle" and "Mud" in the same night. That's tits. It seems they typically only do one or the other.

Good for you, mate. I'm glad you had such a fine introduction to Primus in the live sense.
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