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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Bolt Thrower
  1. In Battle There Is No Law
  2. All That Remains
  3. World Eater
  4. Rebirth of Humanity
  5. War Master
  6. The IVth Crusade
  7. Ritual
  8. War
  9. Remembrance
  10. ...For Victory
  11. No Guts, No Glory
  12. Powder Burns
  13. Inside The Wire
  14. At First Light
  15. The Killchain
  16. When Cannons Fade
Truly an excellent Bolty set. They played the bolded songs in Saturday night's set (the only one I saw) at MDF a couple of years ago as well. Interesting that they didn't choose to include "Cenotaph", but "All that Remains" is a great selection from Realm of Chaos. Also, "Cannons" is an excellent closer - nice choice there as well.

Did anyone else notice that the songs were in chronological order, and that each of their eight full-length studio albums was represented at least once throughout the list? That's pretty fucking awesome. Not surprising, since it was an anniversary show, but awesome nonetheless.
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