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I went upstairs to the merch table and bought Arkona's live DVD and GarageMetal talked to the guitarist from Alestorm who said that they would probably be back in November in another support slot. Then it was time for Turisas to take the stage. As I said earlier, I feel bad for Turisas having to follow Arkona and Alestorm. If it would have been other bands or they played earlier in the show, I would have enjoyed them a hell of a lot more. They were good, but definitely not great. Although they did play the three songs that I wanted to hear most. (To Holmgard and Beyond, Rasputin and Battle Metal) Here's their set list:
That would be great... I have an inkling of who would be the headliner based on a recent album release and no US Tour headlining for their album like their last album release.
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