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Primus -- London, England -- April 5th, 2012

This was an astonishing show to say the least, watching Primus for around 2 and a half hours was something I never thought I'd get to witness when I first heard Poetry and Prose when I was around 14. The band were on fire, each member was someone to watch on the night, though for me the highlight was probably drummer Jay Lane, he shot straight to the top of the best drummer's I've seen live list, flawless, but my focus was jumping between all three equally through-out the night.

As far as the set-list goes, it's virtually impossible for Primus to do a bad set-list, and this was a great set-list by any description, though I didn't get to see a couple of my favorites (Here Come The Bastards was the most surprising omission), but that just makes me want to see them again, and with performances this good, I plan to see them many more times, before my days are done.

Set I
To Defy the Laws of Tradition (GREAT opener)
Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
Prelude to a Crawl
Moron TV
Frizzle Fry
Over the Falls
Tragedy's a' Comin'
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
Over the Electric Grapevine

Intermission - Popeye Cartoons (Genius! Me and my good buddy decided there and then that Popeye would be our new drinking cartoon!)

Set II
Jilly's on Smack
John the Fisherman (That riff...!!!!!!!)
Fisticuffs (Included a Beatles jam)
Southbound Pachyderm (Haunting live, some dickhead stole Les' hat so the band went on an extended jam while Les went to get another one)
Seas of Cheese
Mr. Krinkle
Eyes of the Squirrel
Last Salmon Man
Lee Van Cleef
Voodoo Child Jam
Harold of the Rocks

My Name Is Mud (Highlight of the night for me, I bought Pork Soda when I was 15 after seeing the video for this, still one of my favorite songs by them)
Too Many Puppies

Really great show, the Royal Albert Hall is a classy venue as well! I would love to hear Poetry and Prose live someday but I doubt it will ever happen, but this was an amazing introduction to Primus live.

Also, got myself a plectrum after the show
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