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Alcest -- Chicago, IL -- April 6th, 2012

Venue: Reggie's
Bands: Alcest, Clad in Darkness, The End of the Ocean
Source: Me

Finally, a headlining show from Alcest! Great fucking night; they were so awesome. Played for a good hour and 20 minutes, also.

Got there around 6:15 since the website said the show was at 6. In true Reggie's fashion, it didn't start until 7:00. First band, The End of the Ocean, was a pretty good post-rock band from Columbus. They had this chick on the keyboards who was like, really, really hot. Great opener for the show; they set the mood perfectly. They played 5 songs; not really sure of the titles but they only have 1 album so far. And between bands, Reggie's was playing shoegaze in the background. Really fitting.

Met with kalfitegrdan in between the bands. Always fun, man. I think I was the only person at the concert wearing a Cruel Hand hat. By this time, it really started to get packed. I had no idea Alcest was this popular; they probably gained a lot with the new album. I'd say there were more people there than Enslaved last year, when Alcest opened. It was funny: about 80% of the crowd were greasy metal heads with black metal shirts and long hair, and the rest were either hipsters and completely normal people. I saw at least 4 couples of regular looking middle aged white couples wearing decent collared shirts and jackets. I talked to this girl on the rail with her boyfriend, COMPLETELY the opposite of a metalhead. Apparently Alcest is getting huge recognition from the shoegaze crowd, expanding out of the metal niche they're lumped into.

The next band, Clad in Darkness, was rather interesting to say the least. I think they had an identity problem. It reminded me of a pseudo-Alcest that wasn't catchy. They had a vocalist who literally only screamed 3 times throughout the 30 minute set. When not screaming, he was either laying on the floor, or tearing at his hair or some shit. On some serious drugs I'd say. I really wasn't too impressed, honestly. Alcest is bigger for a reason.

Alcest came on next to a great reaction. Reggie's had to be close to selling out. The whole set was excellent. They had a smoke machine going on, and it was dark, so it set the mood great. The performance was great, especially knowing all of the songs and finally seeing them live, but the performance was truly amazing the couple times Neige brought out his screams, especially in Là où Naissent. My highlight of the night. The way the song builds up to the screams is just chillingly perfect. It's rare that I feel a tingle up my spine, like a chill just passed through my whole body like that. My only complaint is that I wish they performed some more screaming songs, maybe Ecailles Part 2 or Faiseurs de Mondes. Still, seeing something as beautiful as Sur l'océan couleur de fer life was incredible. Another complaint that I had is that there were only 3 shirts available, 2 of them just leftovers from the Enslaved tour. And other than the shirts, they just had CD's for sale. No vinyl or anything else. Great performance, though! I was so absorbed in the music for that hour and 20 minutes, much more so than Opeth or Scale the Summit or something comparable. Great night. Oh, and if you're a metalhead, I hate getting whipped in the face by your long shitty hair. Especially during Alcest... it's just not necessary. We're not seeing Municipal Waste or something. Chill the fuck out and experience how relaxing their music is. Anyway. I like how often Alcest switches up their set; I think they just play whatever they feel like at a show. Sur l'ocean + Naissent les Couleurs = my highlights. And Summer's Glory is a great closer. See this band live.

Alcest Set:

Autre Temps
Les Iris
Là où Naissent les Couleurs Nouvelles
Les Voyages de l'Âme
Printemps Émeraude
Écailles de Lune - Part 1
Sur l'océan couleur de fer
Percées de lumière
Souvenirs d'un autre monde
Summer's Glory

Thanks for reading!
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