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Gwar -- San Francisco, CA -- April 6th, 2012

I know there was some confusion on here about the accurate GWAR setlist, so I will post that. The rest is the sets are the same.

Zombies, March!
A Gathering of Ghouls
Storm is Coming
Saddam a Go-Go
The Salaminizer
Bring Back the Bomb
Crack in the Egg
Immortal Corruptor
KZ Necromancer
Eighth Lock
Metal Metal Land
The Uberklaw
Ham On the Bone
Sick Of You
The Road Behind

Sadly almost all of Ham on the Bone is instrumental, and Brockie didnt sing the last half of Jagermonsta, but Im not sure if that was planned or just typical Oderus.
Saddam, as much as I love it, flowed awkwardly and didn't really belong in the set. Eight Lock I don't really like to begin with, but the one guitar performance of it was baad.
Other than that fucking awesome show, they killed a zombie, Snookie, Jagermonsta, Skullex, a nazi doctor, Bonesnapper, Sawborg, the World Maggot, some babies, and had multiple biledriver/cuttlefish sessions. More spew than Ive seen on the last few tours. After the show they had Flattus's guitar on a spotlight and played some sad memorial song I dont know the name of, and costumeless Dave came out and waved a lighter and filmed the crowd doing the same. Not sure if that is specific to the SF show, but it was sweet.
Also, huge rant against Mushroomhead and Slipknot which surprised me because I was under the impression they were fans, but apparently not.
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