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High On Fire:

Matt Pike takes the stage and strums his guitar once. The ground starts to rumble and the overcast skies part to reveal Tony Iommi himself being lowered down to the stage by a holy host of angels. Those in the crowd wearing Whitechapel and Asking Alexandria shirts are immediately blinded for life and driven insane by the sight. Tony Iommi produces a guitar from thin air that is crafted from wood and metal and alloys unknown to our particular dimension and bestows the gift to Matt Pike, uttering the words: "The torch is passed to you, my son." which triggers a mass hysteria as circle pits break out all over the world and every deathcore and melodic metalcore band commit seppuku to avoid shaming their families any more. As Prophet Iommi ascends back to his otherworldly throne, the sky erupts into a flaming inferno-storm which destroys Whitechapel, Asking Alexandria and The Devil Wears Prada, as well as their fans worldwide. The resulting electromagnetic nuclear explosion that occurs from His Riffness returning from whence he came sends worldwide static interference that erases all discs/tracks/computers/etc. containing shitty music. As soon as the heavens return to normal, Sir Matt Pike of Riffington begins The First Set of High On Fire In The Year Of Our Riff-Lord Twenty-Twelve. And it is good.

every1 else: who cares??? lol
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